In Japan, this festival highlights the most beautiful works realized on the plates of sewer

the Japan, there exists a tradition old way of transforming manhole covers in true works of art. In short, artists will use the slabs as a medium of expression by literally painting on them, creating compositions absolutely beautiful who do the happiness some tourists. It's also a way for the Japanese to illustrate the culture and the folklore of their locality.

In short, the manhole cover illustrated has become a real symbol from the land of the rising sun and a festival has even been imagined to honor him. This year, the Japanese Manhole Cover Festival was organized at Tokyo from February 1st to 3rd. The opportunity to render tribute to the most beautiful manhole covers Illustrated country through a series of cultural events.

On the program: exposure highlighting the most beautiful manholes, but also a series of derivative products like pencils, stickers, books, miniature reproductions or even macaroons and cookies. A fine tribute to this cultural and artistic initiative that is an integral part of folklore Japanese. We invite you to discover below the most beautiful manhole covers illustrated that pay tribute to the different localities of the Japan.

Kawaguchi Lake

Credits: Hayachanta


Credits: Aldelo Piomica


Credits: Tupungato


Credits: Mahathir Mohd Yasin


Credits: Tupungato


Credits: Morumotto


Credits: f11photo


Credits: MrNovel

Imagined by: Japanese Manhole Cover Festival

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