EasyJet has unveiled a very thoughtful ad that plays with the water mirror of the city of Bordeaux

Bordeaux is the second largest French city to have the most classified monuments, making it, naturally, one of the preferred destinations of tourists. And the most popular tourist attraction of the city of Bordeaux is undoubtedly its water mirror, in which the Place de la Bourse. For information, it is the largest water mirror in the world, diverted in many photos of tourists or staged artists.

And if we talk about all of this today, it's because the airline EasyJet had the idea to play brilliantly with this famous water mirror to promote it. In collaboration with the agency Buzzman, the famous low cost airline has installed a real event device that can be described as "Flipping".

An advertising poster whose message comes alive with its reflection on the water 💧

The latter is simply a huge display, incomprehensible at first glance, installed on the Place de la Bourse. But when we observe the famous water mirror, we can see the display there reflect and spread the following message: "Bordeaux, the sky is at your feet".

A relevant marketing facility, with a real dimension poetic it must be admitted, playing with this famous Bordeaux water mirror to convey the message of the company. And we must admit that it necessarily works much better than an ordinary poster campaign!

This advertising installation is therefore created to promote 30 EasyJet destinations served from Bordeaux. A little game on social networks has also been set up: Internet users are invited to take a picture with the famous display and share it with the hashtag #UpsideDown. The person who will be behind the most beautiful photo will win a round trip for two people to the destination of his choice. She is not beautiful life? In the meantime, if you go through Bordeaux, you can always take a few minutes to discover this device that will be present throughout the month of October.

Credits : EasyJet

Credits : EasyJet

Imagined by: EasyJet and Buzzman

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