15 creative ideas put in place in stores to surprise customers

Attracting and surprising customers is not an easy task. It takes time to think about imagine ideas... and especially the apply. Because when we are trader or marketing professionalit is necessary to be creative to achieve one's ends. Why ? It is one of the most powerful ways to attract attention and make people talk: classic word of mouth or via social networks.

And if you lack inspiration, here 15 great marketing ideas to apply in businesses that will not fail to surprise you with their creativity.

1. A calculator on your cart

A funny idea especially present in the Anglo-Saxon countries which seems to have been introduced towards the end of the 90's. Some shopping trolleys were equipped with calculators to shop without a bad surprise at checkouts. Without a doubt, the advent of smartphones had to slow down the development of this idea!

Credits : Afrocean

2. Two ways to go shopping

In this beauty shopInnisfree, located in South Korea, customers can choose between a green basket and one orange basket. Green says to sellers of do not disturb the customer, while orange is a way to get the seller's attention for to have advice. A brilliant idea for shy customers who may have trouble taking the first step ...

Credits : hand_

3. Fruits sorted according to their ripening

The choice of fruits and vegetables always takes a little time. We often wonder if they are too much or not enough ripe, to avoid any waste. So this store had the idea to spread his bananas in 3 parts : those that are ripe to be consumed now, those who will be in 1 to 2 days and those in 3 to 4 days.

Credits : ssanchez22

4. Choose a book without knowing the title

This bookshop had the ingenious idea of ​​selling books by wrapping them in paper and writing a short summary on it. You do not know the title or the name of the author ... basically you have no other information than some words on the story. What to sharpen the curiosity of the readers!

Credits : secondarysouls

5. Packs to offer to those in need

In this supermarket, it is possible to buy bags filled with preserves and other foods to offer them to people in need. These bags cost here $ 10 and we find the idea really intelligent and for once useful ... humanly speaking.

Credits : insertironicmemehere

6. To take or leave

This idea is very simple and really very ingenious. In his changing rooms, this clothing store had the idea to install hangers according to your choice. Do you like a garment? So put it on "Absolutely". You hesitate, ask on the "Possible ..." The angle of the photo does not show it, but it is assumed that there is also a hanger "Not at all".

Credits : Pumpkinspice90

7. Facebook fans lower prices

Do you know the Smiirl ? It's a small counter that displays the Facebook fans of your page. And a few years ago, the agency verywell had the good idea to use this gadget for a very clever marketing use to theAtelier Shop à Toulouse. The idea? The more fans on the page, the more the amount of the percentage reduction is important. See instead ...

8. Test the roll before buying

In Germany, The stores Jumbo really like the philosophy of the user experience. And if you go to their bathroom, you may find 6 rolls of toilet paper of different brands in order to make you your own opinion.

Credits : shishdem

9. To avoid wasting time

Who has never lost tens of minutes in a store looking for the latest products on the list? So, to avoid customers this waste of time that can annoy, this store has hung on its trolleys a list of consumer products with the number of the rays where to find them. Malin!

Credits : ross01628

10. The best proof of freshness

Who trusts what is written on the signs? Not many people. So to prove that their organic vegetables are fresh (and arch-fees), the Quebec grocery store IGA has installed a camera that is filming live the field from which the vegetables come. The best proof of the world!

Credits : DefaultAnthony

11. A cheaper umbrella if it rains

That's a fun idea IKEA to sell off his stocks of umbrellas. If it's sunny, the accessory will be sold to you $ 5 but on the contrary, if it rains, it will cost you half the price, either $ 2.50. We like the initiative ... especially because it goes against all commercial logic !

Credits : Constitutional_Prole

12. To choose your lawyer

A lawyer is relatively expensive, so choosing him is important. So this New Zealand supermarket had the idea to design a little sticker which specifies the color that the fruit must have to choose it ripe. However, true advocates know that everything is touching, of course.

Credits : q0__0p

13. Free fruit for children

Here is an initiative that has not badly democratised in Francebecause it is present in many supermarkets. The principle is simple and consists of offer fruits to customers for them to give them their child (ren) during the races. History to offer them vitamins for the day!

Credits : J_Diz_My_Kiz

14. A reduction according to the temperature

That's a very smart idea (and rather known) for countries where it is very cold. This clothing store at Canada, proposes a reduction depending on the temperature exterior. More it's cold, more you have a significant reduction. Obviously we only talk about negative temperatures... and in some parts of Canada they can go down very low!

Credits : InFatesHands

15. A surprising mechanical distributor

Based in Toronto (Canada), this bookseller had a great idea to bring a original key at his shop.Craig Small (that's his name) made a vending machine which, in exchange for a 2 dollar coin, you will deliver a book at random. A concept he christened Biblio-mat and who is rather artisanal in its operation. We let you watch the video.

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