He goes around the world to photograph the most beautiful libraries

The architectural photography is a "niche art" that has many followers. The German artist Reinhard Görner is one of them. Since 1982, this photographer travels the four corners of the globe in search most beautiful pictures of historic and contemporary architecture. His passion was born on the university benches by discovering"Architectural Phototography" of Julius Shulman. In more than 40 years, Reinhard was able to make a name for itself in the middle and today we will be interested in one of his most fascinating artistic projects.

Since 2008, Reinhard Görner feeds a creative project dubbed soberly "Libraries". As the name suggests, the artist goes around the world to take a picture of the most beautiful libraries, from Berlin à Oxford. A project that counts to date more than 50 photos which put forward the incredible symmetry and opulent architecture spectacular libraries he discovers.

Credits: Reinhard Görner | Open Space City Library, Stuttgart (2014)

Places full of history, culture and spirituality that the artist illustrates in the best way in his various contributions."My goal is to always open spaces, be they visual, mental or spiritual. I want to transcend the spirits in a quieter, more creative world. " explains the artist. To know more about Reinhard Görner, meeting on his portfolio.

Credits: Reinhard Görner | Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Library, Berlin (2010)

Credits: Reinhard Görner | Palácio Nacional de Mafra I, Portugal (2016)

Credits: Reinhard Görner | Inter Arma Charitas II, Portugal (2016)

Credits: Reinhard Görner | Library Hall, Upper Lusatian Library of Sciences, Görlitz (2015)

Credits: Reinhard Görner | Entrance of Biblioteca Joanina, Portugal (2015)

Credits: Reinhard Görner | Cathedral of Books, Manchester (2017)

Credits: Reinhard Görner | St. Peter's Abbey II, Austria (2016)

Credits: Reinhard Görner | Duke Humfrey's Library, Oxford (2017)

Credits: Reinhard Görner | The Brain, Freie Universität. Berlin (2005)

Credits: Reinhard Görner | New York Public Library, New York (2014)

Imagined by: Reinhard Görner

Video: 10+ Photographer Goes Around The World In Search Of The Most Beautiful Libraries (December 2019).