Hyundai will film his ad live during the Super Bowl

Each year, the Super Bowl is the meeting place for sports fans ... and of course, advertisers. If you work in the industry, you surely know that this is an incredible opportunity for advertisers to communicate with a spectacular audience. But it is especially the rendezvous of large budgets, because a commercial ad during the Super Bowl is expensive ... very expensive.

The automaker Hyundai plans to embark on a totally crazy bet for the event. He will indeed film his ad live during the Super Bowl. A challenge that seems even more daring when you know the costs of broadcasting an ad during the Super Bowl. But the brand is used to it, since in 10 years, it participated in 9 events.

This spot "Live" will last 9o seconds and will be broadcast just after the match, before the presentation of the trophies. Dean Evans, Chief Marketing Officer at Hyundai Motor America, spoke on the subject: "The Super Bowl is the biggest advertising event. To continue the momentum of our success in 2016, we wanted to push creativity and storytelling even further ". To know if the bet will be held, go on February 7th.

A big challenge for Hyundai ...

... who will film his ad live at the Super Bowl

We hope the show will be up to par!

Video: The Elevator. 2019 Super Bowl Commercial. Hyundai (December 2019).